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Swan LakeResort Introduction

Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourist Resort-With good resources and environmental conditions, it can meet the leisure needs of tourists for rest, Wellness, sports, puzzle, entertainment and so on.


Introduction of Swan Lake Tourist Resort

Swan Lake Tourist Resort is located in Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, close to the Yellow River, at the core area of the Golden Triangle Culture and Tourism of the Yellow River, covering an area of about 30.87 square kilometers. The tourist resort has a comfortable climate and an excellent ecological environment. The ecological cultural theme resources represented by the Yellow River and the resort theme resources represented by hot springs blend with each other and are unique throughout the country. This is one of the best places to watch the Yellow River in China. It has a magnificent view of the Qingshui and Zhuoshui Yellow Rivers. It breeds the splendid regional cultures of Yangshao Culture, Guo State Culture, and Shaanzhou Culture. It is the only inland city in China. The swan habitat, big swans account for two thirds of the country, here is the country and the world's only underground ancient residential building Shaanzhou pit courtyard, known as "an ancient village under the horizon, living fossils in the history of residential houses." There are rare drinkable and bathable hot springs in China, which are widely distributed, with large flow and good water quality. It is one of the five famous springs in early China.

Relying on the rich tourism resources, the resort has carefully launched a series of themed products, strolling the Yellow River Park, riding the green road of the Yellow River, riding the largest river cruise in the Yellow River Basin, and experiencing the spectacular sight of Gaoxia out of Pinghu. Walk into the Miaodigou Ruins Park, the Guo State Museum, Baolun Temple Tower, and Sanmenxia Museum, and experience the Yellow River Ballad that has been praised from thousands of years to the present. Wandering in the Swan Lake Wetland Park, the white and beautiful white swans, the rippling yellow river water, and the colorful science research form a beautiful picture of people and nature living in harmony. Stop in Shaanzhou Dikeng Courtyard, taste the specialties of the Yellow River represented by the top ten bowls, watch the creation of craftsmanship, quyi, paper-cutting, tea art, wedding performances, etc., and experience the traditional way of life in Shaanzhou. Shanzhou Bangzi, Yanggao opera, gongs and drums and other humanities and arts will add value to your holiday journey.

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Swan LakeCharming Swan Lake tourist resort, let you linger
Original Swan Lake

Take you through the Swan Lake Science Museum, the original ecological bird garden, and experience the love culture of swan. Immerse yourself in the shock from nature.

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Feel the culture of Shanzhou in entertainment

Yellow River Folklore Performing Arts
Shaanzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage
Yellow River Folklore Culture-Folk Crafts and Antique Calligraphy and Painting, all make you worthwhile.

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Summer style

In the hot summer, you may wish to come to the Swan Lake tourist resort to feel the different midsummer trip.

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Tired and sleepy, soak in the unique geological hot spring water of Gaoyang Mountain, and then sleep beautifully in the pit courtyard, beautiful!

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China Swan City-Sanmenxia
Create a multi-attractive tourist resort

Build a patio kiln with international influence, build a domestic Swan Lake brand-Sanmenxia, and build a well-known hot spring tourist destination in Henan, Shaanxi and Shanxi

Build a Tianjing Kiln House with International Influence, Build a Domestic Swan Lake Brand-Sanmenxia, Build a Famous Hot
Spring Tourism Destination in Henan, Shaanxi and Shanxi Provinces
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