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Swan Lakehotel reservation

Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourist Resort-With good resources and environmental conditions, it can meet the leisure needs of tourists for rest, Wellness, sports, puzzle, entertainment and so on.

Swan Lake International Hotel


Swan Lake International Hotel is a five-star garden villa-style hotel built in Sanmenxia area. It is located in the beautiful water and blue sky, beautiful flowers and beautiful surroundings in Shaanzhou Park, close to the shore of the Yellow River and the shore of Swan Lake.


Sanmenxia Golden Spring Hotel

(High-end type / Theme type / Comfort type)

The hotel is south of the Longhai Railway Artery, about 10 kilometers from the Sanmenxia South Station of the Zhengxi Passenger Dedicated Line, and is adjacent to the junction of 209 and 310 National Roads in the west


Fuyuan Hotel

( Mid-range/comfortable)

Fuyuan Hotel is located in Wentang Village, Shanzhou District, Sanmenxia City, next to Gaoyang Mountain and only a 10-minute drive from Shaanzhou Dikengyuan Scenic Area.


Grandview Hotel

(Low carbon environmental protection type / family type / comfortable type)

The hotel is located at the intersection of Shenquan Road and Xiuling Road in Wentang, Shaanzhou District, about 5 kilometers away from the west exit of Sanmenxia of Lianhuo Expressway, and about 15 minutes' drive from Dikengyuan of Shaanzhou.


Suguijia Hotel

( (Family/Comfort))

Opposite to Shengbailian Shopping Mall, Middle Section of Shenquan Road, Shanzhou District, Sanmenxia


Sanmenxia Tianyuan International Hot Spring Hotel


Intersection of Shanzhou Avenue and Gaoyang Road, Shanmen District, Sanmenxia

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