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Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourist Resort-With good resources and environmental conditions, it can meet the leisure needs of tourists for rest, Wellness, sports, puzzle, entertainment and so on.

Daying Twist

Daying Twist is a characteristic traditional food in Daying Village, Daying Town, Shaan County, Henan Province. It started in the Qing Dynasty and has a history of hundreds of years. The twist here is crisp, crisp and fragrant. Its unique ingredients are mastered by the producer. The Daying Twist is extremely crisp and brittle, and it is said that it cannot be picked up when it falls on the ground.

Swan goods

Sanmenxia is known as the "Home of Chinese Big Swan", and thousands of big swans come here to inhabit the winter every year.

Thump grass printing

Shanzhou hammer grass printing is so eye-catching. Hammer grass printing is a unique printing and dyeing technique in the Shanzhou District of Sanmenxia City, and is known as the "Three Treasures of Shaanzhou" together with the local pit yard and the Chengzhou Yanni Inkstone.


Noodle bean is a unique traditional pasta snack in the Sanmenxia region of western Henan. It uses a manual process, using refined wheat noodles to knead, ferment, knead into strips, knife cut into particles like soybeans, and use white cotton as a medium for baking. to make. Because of its crisp, crisp, fragrant, and preserved taste, it has become a snack for western Henan's first-person travel and major holiday hospitality. The noodles are white in appearance, crisp in entrance, rich in aroma, rich in various trace elements, spleen and stomach, without any additives.

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