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Swan LakeEntertainment

Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourist Resort-With good resources and environmental conditions, it can meet the leisure needs of tourists for rest, Wellness, sports, puzzle, entertainment and so on.

Gaoyangshan Hot Spring Hotel

Gaoyangshan Hot Spring Resort is located in Sanmenxia Health Industrial Park, with a planned area of ​​4170 mu and a construction area of ​​2200 mu. The main planned projects include a hot spring center, hot spring resort hotel, landscape lake, hot spring valley health care community and hot spring health resort center. When all are completed, it will make Shaanzhou District the "Central Plains Hot Spring Capital" and make Wentang, Sanmenxia, ​​Shanzhou District, China The town "Hometown of Chinese Hot Springs" deserves its name.

Swan Lake Science Museum

The tourist resort fully exploits the deep cultural heritage of swans, uses high and new technology to build the Swan Science Museum, and demonstrates the origin of Sanmenxia and Swan to tourists, and demonstrates the organic integration of Sanmenxia's urban development and nature, humanities and ecology.

Gaoyangshan Hot Spring Ski Resort

Gaoyang Mountain Ski Resort has a total area of ​​50,000 square meters, with more than 10,000 square meters of children's play area, more than 30,000 square meters of ski trails, snow circles, UFOs, snowboarding, double-boarding and other outdoor projects.

Diengyuan Glass Flyover

Located in a valley 500 meters below the main entrance of the scenic spot, the pit courtyard glass flyover is the first 7D dynamic glass flyover in Sanmenxia. Walk on the glass flyover and look at the winding Yellow River in the distance. Looking at the pit courtyard close up, you can enjoy the volley of the sky. Happy.

Yellow River Swan Cruise

The "Swan" hull has a total length of 50.48 meters and a width of 13 meters, with a total tonnage of 1480 tons. With a cost of more than 30 million yuan, it integrates sightseeing deck tourism, wonderful performances on the first floor bar, KTV, elegant seats and guest rooms on the second floor Western restaurant, lounge bar, and multi-functional meeting room. It is a good choice for you to enjoy the Yellow River cruise.

Galaxy paradise

The Xinghe Paradise has complete facilities and services in place, which is a good place for you to play. The Xinghe Paradise in the Yellow River Park is a large-scale and well-equipped playground around Sanmenxia.

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