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Sleeping beauty in flowers


Sleeping beauty in the flower "water lily"

Lying in the clouds,

Jiusu unfolds the corolla.

Who is easy to dream?

It's hard for me to look good!

Water lilies are known as "Sleeping Beauty in flowers" for their relaxing day and rolling night.

The water lilies in full bloom in clear water and green leaves are like Fairies in the water, or dressed in white or powder, which is very beautiful.

The Water Lily likes sunshine and a well ventilated place. Its work and rest are very regular. The sun hangs high at eight or nine o'clock every morning, and the water lily slowly wakes up

Sleeping lotus flowers are colorful and charming. In ancient Greece and Rome, water lilies, like Chinese lotus flowers, were regarded as holy and beautiful incarnations, and were often sacrificed to goddesses.

The language of water lilies is clean and pure.

In addition to its high ornamental value, water lily root can absorb toxic substances such as lead, mercury and phenol in water, so it is also a rare plant for water purification, greening and beautification in cities.

Water lilies live in marshes and are widely distributed all over the world. There are 40-50 species of water lilies in the world. According to its ecological characteristics, water lilies can be divided into two categories: cold tolerant and cold intolerant. The former is distributed in subtropical and temperate regions, while the latter is distributed in tropical regions.

The largest water lily in the world: giant water lily is native to shallow lakes and estuaries in the Amazon basin. Its leaves float on the water. The diameter of the leaves can reach 3 meters and grow on 7-8 meter long underwater stems. The lower surface of its leaves is supported by ribs like ridges. (Guinness World Records)

Smallest water lily: dwarf Rwanda water lily has leaves only 10-20 mm in size. It is thought to have been extinct in the wild. In November 2009, horticulturist Carlos megdalena saved the aquatic plant from extinction by germinating stored seeds at the Royal Botanical Garden in London, England. (Guinness World Records)

The green willow fragrance fills the embankment, and the blue sky reflects the water. The red lotus sleeps blue, and the white clouds perch.

Traveling officials return to a common dream, peace of mind, travel against each other. The ends of the earth are few, and there is always water and cloud to know.

Green and round leaves cover the waves, sleeping beside the body and falling into the waves. Boating close to the lotus, praise the new makeup.

The water is clear, the stems are beautiful, the pond is neutral, and the fish do not move beside it. The moonlight is cool and the night is fragrant, attracting mandarin ducks.

Appreciate the lotus flower at the right time

The Swan Lake Wetland Park in Sanmenxia City, the lotus pond at the bridgehead along the Yellow ecological corridor, and the Sanmenxia Dam scenic area can be viewed

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