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Fire! The first children's Carnival of Shaanxi pit hospital will open grandly tomorrow! Happy holidays, parent-child feast, come here~~


The first children's Carnival of Shanzhou pit hospital

Happy sailing tomorrow!

August 4 - August 14

19:00-22:00 every night

See you or leave~~

Hot summer happy party

Enjoy the night tour in summer

Cool off

Parents and children slip away so that they can go out

Happy party, wonderful party, tomorrow!

are you ready?

Ready GO!

Big hand in hand, wonderful and uninterrupted


The joy of summer, I just want to share with you

A child's smile is the most innocent gift in the world

Fan benefits

To thank our fans who have always cared for and supported the scenic spot, we have prepared a large number of benefits for our fans~~


Special tickets are released!

1. During the event, tickets to the scenic spot are free, and only 39 yuan for children's Carnival tickets!! Children under 1.6 meters are free!

2. From now on, pay attention to the official Tiktok of the scenic spot. Tiktok group buys a discount ticket of 29.9 yuan

3. At the beginning of the event (August 4), the official official account of the scenic spot will launch a daily limited number of 200 tickets at 19.9 yuan


Keep taking exquisite gifts

During the event, all tourists paid attention to the Tiktok number of Shanzhou dikengyuan scenic area, which was forwarded this time

The video related to the activity is accompanied by the text "Shaanxi pit yard children's Carnival"

You can get a beautiful gift at the exit. The quantity is limited until it is finished


Value tickets to play at will

During the event, all tourists should show tickets to the children's Carnival in Shanzhou dikengyuan scenic area

You can enjoy Acrobatic Art Festival (original price: 50 yuan), dream starry sky Museum (original price: 10 yuan), inflatable castle (original price: 10 yuan), water slide Castle (original price: 10 yuan), intangible cultural heritage Tiehua (original price: 30 yuan), bonfire party (original price: 20 yuan) and other wonderful projects! You can also enjoy half price of the glass bridge in the pit yard!

One ticket in hand, free to play!

Grab valuable tickets quickly~~

This summer, let's start with Shanzhou pit yard!

We're ready

Here is the most exciting acrobatic performance!

There is the most shocking audio-visual feast!

There are the most interesting entertainment items!

Meet together in Shanzhou pit yard

Spend a happy and romantic midsummer night together~

Source: official account of Shaanxi dikengyuan

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Warm reminder: visitors who purchase in advance please redeem tickets at the ticket office in the scenic area in advance, if you need to refund the ticket, please contact customer service

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