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Create a national level Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourist Resort on-site supervision


According to the deployment of the 2022 promotion meeting of the municipal government for the establishment of the national Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourism Resort, from July 24 to July 25, the office of the resort establishment headquarters (culture and Tourism Group), Sanmenxia radio, television, culture and Tourism Bureau, Swan Lake Yellow River Wetland resort Administration Bureau, and Shaanxi district government organized inspection and supervision teams to conduct on-site inspection and supervision within the scope of the resort.

Zhang Junhui, the head of the comprehensive group of the establishment office, led Li Chunle, a member, to inspect and guide the establishment and environmental rectification of Wentang village entrance and characteristic streets in the resort together with relevant leaders of the Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, the Bureau of culture and tourism of Shanzhou District, Daying town and Wentang village. Other members went to Swan Lake National Urban Wetland Park, shaanzhou Park, Yellow River Park, Guoguo Museum, shaanzhou pit courtyard, feicuili pool, Gaoyang mountain, Wentang village, Jinquan Hotel and Tianyuan hotel.

All member units took positive actions to overcome various difficulties and fully implement the spirit of the meeting into the actual creation activities.

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