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2022 promotion meeting for creating a national Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourist Resort


At 15:30 p.m. on July 23, 2022, vice mayor qingzhiying held the 2022 Promotion Conference on the creation of a national Swan Lake tourist resort in Sanmenxia at the letter Hall of the cultural and Expo City to study and deploy the creation of a national Swan Lake Resort. Ye Guoming, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Deng Weihua, deputy director of Sanmenxia Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television, tourism and tourism, informed the Provincial Department of culture and tourism of the problems and rectification requirements found in the inspection of the establishment of the national Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourist Resort, and further emphasized the importance and urgency of service facilities and environmental order for the establishment and acceptance of the national tourist resort; Li Junmin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the culture and tourism group, focused on the importance and urgency of creating a national Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourist Resort, emphasizing the division of key tasks among member units.

The Swan Lake tourist resort in Sanmenxia covers the city's best cultural and tourism resources. 14 member units made statements on the creation of a national tourist resort at the meeting, saying that they clenched their teeth and clenched their fists at the critical moment. We should speed up the establishment work, make every effort to improve the rectification work, stand on the key first shift, and strive to successfully complete the tasks of the establishment of the national Sanmenxia Swan Lake tourist resort.

Finally, vice mayor Qing Zhiying made a profound summary from the aspects of improving the political position, clarifying the division of responsibilities, and doing a good job in the implementation of the work, and required all relevant units to act quickly and cooperate with each other after the meeting, do their best to improve the rectification work, complete the creation task with high quality and high standards, and ensure that no points are lost, less points are lost, and more points are added in the acceptance process of national tourist resorts, Strive to successfully win the gold lettered signboard of "National Tourism Resort" this year, and make due contributions to the upgrading of the city's cultural tourism industry and the economic transformation and development of Sanmenxia.

The Publicity Department of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of culture, broadcasting and tourism, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, the traffic police detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the municipal highway development center, the municipal housing and Construction Bureau, the Municipal Planning Bureau, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the municipal market supervision bureau, the municipal river Affairs Bureau, the Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the municipal ecological environment bureau, the resort Administration Bureau, the Shaanxi district government, the Hubin District government, the Development Zone Management Committee, the municipal investment group, the hotel group, the Municipal Culture and Tourism group Leaders of the culture and Tourism Bureau of Shanzhou District, Sanmenxia South Station of high-speed railway, Daying Town Government, Wentang village committee, Sanmenxia high speed development company, the original transportation and development company, Sanmenxia railway station and heads of scenic spots, hotels and other founding units of the resort attended the meeting.

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