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Lotus palace like beauty makeup lotus leaves facing the wind green clothes


Lotus palace beauty makeup,

The lotus leaves are emerald in the wind to make clothes.

Last night was as cool as water,

The envy canal is in the middle of the water.

-- song, Su Yu

After all, in mid June,

The scenery is different from the four seasons.

The lotus leaves are boundless,

The lotus in the sun is very red.

-- Song Dynasty. Yang Wanli pointed out that Xiao Chu Jing Temple sent Lin Zifang

The spring is silent and cherishes the trickle,

The shade of the tree shines on the water and loves the fine and soft.

Little lotus just shows its sharp corners,

Dragonflies have long stood on their heads.

-- song. Yang Wanli points to Xiaochi

Cut the lotus by paddling on the small bridge,

The west wind on both sides of the Strait haloed the sunset.

It seems like the first banquet in yaochi,

Wan Fei's drunken face is full of lead.

-- Song Dynasty, white jade toad pointing to the lotus

Green cover half pole new rain,

Red fragrance, a little breeze.

The root of talent is like jade,

Lianxi's heart is the same with Tao.

-- song Biren

The lotus leaf skirt is cut in one color,

Hibiscus opens to both sides of her face.

You can't see it in the pool,

Hearing the song, I began to feel someone coming.

——Tang. Wangchangling

Floating fragrance around the curved bank,

Round shadow covers Huachi.

Often afraid of the early autumn wind,

You don't know.

-- Tang Dynasty, Lu Zhaolin pointed out the melody of the lotus pond

Source: Swan Lake official account

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