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Leading the quality of Sanmenxia city

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Sanmenxia Swan Lake Tourist Resort-With good resources and environmental conditions, it can meet the leisure needs of tourists for rest, Wellness, sports, puzzle, entertainment and so on.

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Swan Lake International Hotel


Swan Lake International Hotel is a five-star garden villa-style hotel built in Sanmenxia area. It is located in the beautiful water and blue sky, beautiful flowers and beautiful surroundings in Shaanzhou Park, close to the shore of the Yellow River and the shore of Swan Lake.


Emerald Hot Spring Ticket

( (Hot Spring Ticket))

The total construction area of ​​Cuilichi Hot Spring Center is 26,000 square meters, with independent catering, guest rooms, meeting rooms, SPA and other service functions. The total number of receptions in the design day can reach 2,000.


Xiaoboshao Food Culture Village

(Speciality cuisine)


Baishi's Late Night Canteen

(Japanese cuisine)

Baishi's Late Night Dining Hall is a Japanese-style izakaya, Sanmenxia is also a city that is not noisy, and its temperament seems to be quite good.